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The Healing Heart books are a collective effort containing the expertise of 66 storytellers and health professionals who illustrate the power of story in moving others to commitment and action, in building self-esteem and mutual respect. Included are folk tales, personal stories, articles, and quotations; ideas for incorporating exercises, games, art, and song; resource lists of stories, books, community agencies and storytellers engaged in this important story work.

Healing Heart Families Book Cover

The Healing Heart ~ Families
focuses on families, dealing specifically with healing through story, health promotion, disease prevention, early childhood intervention, children with medical problems, adopting families, schools, sexual identities, grief, and spiritual healing.
Forward by Nancy Mellon
237 pages, $19.95
New Society Publishers

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The Healing Heart~Communities
focuses on community-building, with sections on youth, violence prevention, poverty, domestic violence, substance abuse and addiction, racism, elders, culture, environmental protection, home-lessness, and community development.
Forward by
Margaret Read MacDonald
237 pages, $19.95
New Society Publishers

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~ Communities

Healing Heart Communities by Allison Cox

Allison M. Cox combines her background as a therapist, social worker, health educator, and prevention specialist for the health department with 20 years experience as a storyteller, and is one of the founding board members of the Healing Story Alliance - part of the National Storytelling Network. David H. Albert is a storyteller, writer, and Senior Planner and Policy Analyst with the Washington State Division of Alcohol and Substance Abuse, and a contributor to Spinning Tales, Weaving Hope (New Society, 2002).

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Allison Cox • (206) 463-3844 • 25714 Wax Orchard Rd • Vashon, WA • 98070 • Email Allison

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